Tips, Tricks, and Tools to End Writer’s Block

Tearing up another crumpled paper ball for the pile

Whether you have an imminent assignment due at work or are simply trying to become the next Tolkien or Rowling, writer’s block has plagued authors, students, and everyone in between since the dawn of written language. It’s nearly impossible to meet someone who hasn’t struggled with words at some point. And if you are reading this article, chances are pretty high that you’re struggling to writer or are just plain procrastinating against something you need to get done. So to aid you in your writings and to get you on your way again, here are a few helpful tips, tricks, and (free!) tools.

  1. Freewriting

This particular idea goes by many differents names, but a popular moniker is freewriting. Freewriting is simply allowing ideas to leave your brain through your fingers. Just start writing, whatever comes to mind and wants to flow through your keyboard and onto that tauntingly blank screen, just let it. Let every thought and idea flow. Has an idea for a children’s book been tinkering around the depths of your subconscious? Or how about the perfect way to write that elusive proposal at work? Just start writing, get your ideas out. This will help get the wheels in your head turning and lead to your desired outcome much sooner.

  1. Don’t Edit

To accompany our first suggestion, as you write and let your ideas out, don’t hit the backspace button. It interrupts your flow. Instead, focus on just getting those thoughts out on paper and worry more about going back to make things perfect later. Perfectionism and fear of failure kills more dreams than anything else. If you just have to edit, try telling yourself you’ll go hit those little red squiggles after you’ve reached the end of a paragraph and slowly, it’ll get easier to just let things flow out without feeling the need to go back and make sure it’s perfect as you go.

  1. One Word

This is one of those (free!) tools promised. This site, simply called “One Word”, is fairly self explanatory. One Word will display a single word and then you have sixty seconds to bust out a sentence around that single word. It’s designed to really get you thinking and to help get your rusted brain moving. This site has an entire community to help support you and to give you ideas and encouragement as well. You can chat with others in the community and see what they have written as well.

  1. Write for Ten

This gem is quite similar to one word and the idea of freewriting. You have to register (for free) for an account. Then you are given a timed blog window and as soon as you hit “go”, the timer starts and you have ten minutes to write absolutely anything you want at all. It can be something structured or unstructured, funny or sad, an advice column you’ve always wanted to start, anything at all. And once your timer runs out, you can publish it, or save it to your private account. “What you write doesn’t have to be perfect nor complete. Just write it.

  1. Hubspot

This is a quick, free tool that is simple to use. Hubspot has a blogpost generator! It doesn’t make your posts for you, but it does spit out a list of blog titles you can use. Maybe seeing a title will give you a new idea or a fresh way of looking at things. The generator has three empty fields for you to fill in with a noun of your choice. Then simply hit the generate button [Give me blog topics!] and ta-daa! You get a week’s worth of ready-made blog titles to give you inspiration and get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Language is a Virus

This is another idea-generating website. It has dozens of games to help you get your mind moving and flowing. It also has things like writing prompts, writing experiments, helpful advice, articles about writing, and much, much more. And best of all, this is another free website! With lots of games, a supportive social connection, and lots of useful tips, this is a great site to have on hand for anyone who has ever thought about becoming a writer.

  1. Go for an Adventure

If you’re really still stuck, try getting away from what you know. When you usually procrastinate, or need a break, do you binge something on Netflix? Do you go running to get your mind off of work? Whatever your norm is, do something new. If you usually read fantasy books, try a biography out instead. Or if you usually watch movies a lot, try going to a museum or even hiking. Nature can be a fantastic inspiration for anything at all. Even just getting out into nature for ten minutes can help to reset your overworked, flash-news, doomsday-on-every-channel brain. Get out and get moving and try something to broaden your horizons and give your mind a rest for a little bit.