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SEO Tools

SEO Tools

SEO is constantly changing. Back when Google was brand-new, you could do nothing more than pay a small fee to get ranked where you want. Google strayed from this price-based model for excellent reasons. Number one, it wasn’t fair. Number two, Google would not be nearly the search engine it is today if that were still the case.

Although no one knows the exact algorithm Google uses to rank in search engines, people have an excellent idea of what factors into it. You need to have a relevant site with enough information that other people know about and other people like. Google has made it much harder to rank on the first page that in the past. However, the result is this. If you can master Search Engine Optimization for your website, you will be awarded with the most valuable type of traffic ever – organic traffic. These are people who are specifically going online and looking for you with their wallets open and ready to buy whatever you’re selling. In other words, your mastery of search engine optimization will prove that you don’t need to sell anymore. People will instead come to you.

Bookmark this page. If you’re serious about SEO, then you’ll be returning to this page again and again for the best SEO tools – both paid and free – the Internet has to offer to increase your metrics for getting ranked in every major search engine – not just Google.

Begin with Keyword Research

Good keyword research will be your primary focus so long as you remain a digital marketer. People will search for a term, and this term will be your keyword. In other words, you want your site to rank on the first page of Google for whatever people want to search for. Discover the most relevant and powerful keywords in here this first section.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Pricing: Free

Access Google’s data directly with Google’s Keyword Planner. Begin your keyword research with the ability to identify the number of times someone has searched for a term, filter out a term based on geographical region, and gain access to the previous full month history for any given keyword.


Pricing:  Free, Pro Lite ($48/month), Pro Basic ($68/month), Pro Plus ($88/month)

Keyword Tool is valuable in its own right. Keyword Tool is able to give you hundreds more suggestions for keywords related to your niche than Google’s Keyword Planner, giving you the ability to rank for keywords that your competitors are ignoring. Furthermore, Keyword Tool searches more than just Google – they search Bing, YouTube, and the App Store.

  1. Traffic Travis

Pricing: Free

Traffic Travis allows you to analyze the performance of your keywords along with your competitors. It will allow you to perform what is considered Blogger Outreach – contact the bloggers who have linked to your site and thank them. Cultivation of these relationships is not something any computer program or code can ever do for you. Traffic Travis will also analyze how well your web pages are optimized for search engines.

  1. LongTailPro

Pricing: 10-day trial (free), Long Tail Pro ($97), Pro + Platinum ($97 today + $17/monthly)

Don’t forget your long-tail keywords. When people search for longer terms, it gives you the opportunity to dominate your competition. This tool allows you to determine which long-tail keywords you should be using on your web pages. Furthermore, LongTailPro gives you everything you need to begin your SEO strategy.

Continually Audit Your Websites

Tweaking your current web pages for SEO is something you need to be doing every single day. The minute you stop tweaking your websites is the minute your competition will overtake you. The following tools will allow you to analyze your websites for your current SEO health and enable you to resolve any issues they find.

  1. WooRank

Pricing: Pro Plan (for webmasters) at $49/month, Premium Plan (for agencies) at $149/month

As one of the best SEO tools for beginners, that this tool will give you in-depth reviews of each one of your websites, along with a to-do checklist to make your websites better was the review is complete.

  1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Pricing: Free

This tool will analyze your website and give you in-depth metrics on what you can improve. Discover all of your SEO data, discover link building opportunities through reverse engineering, and develop the content structure of your websites.

  1. NetPeak Checker

Pricing: Free

This tool allows you to build an analysis of your sites along with your competitors. You can export the data into a spreadsheet file to compare and contrast the data. By giving you all of the website metrics up front, you can develop your winning SEO strategy faster.

  1. SEOQuake

Pricing: Free

This tool will extract all of your website data and website metrics directly from Google. Organize your metrics painlessly so you can focus on the relevant metrics and ignore the rest.

Build Your Linking Empire

Linking is more about community outreach than it is about article marketing. Build strong relationships with other bloggers in your personal blog network in your circle of influence using these tools.

  1. Ahrefs

Pricing: Lite ($79/month), Standard ($179/month), Plus ($499/month), Premium ($1,299/month)

While the pricing may be a little on the steep side, this tool offers features not found anywhere else. It allows you to do a deep backlink analysis by finding all the web pages that link back to your site complete with metrics such as referring domains and backlink types. Their Content Explorer feature allows you to find fresh content based on keyword.

  1. Majestic SEO

Pricing: Silver Quarterly (£29.99/monthly equivalent for three months), Silver (£44.99/month), Gold (£99.99/month), and Platinum (£250.00/month)

This is a complete SEO suite that provides everything from a comprehensive link profile of websites to the ability to see if the SEO efforts of others are negatively impacting your personal blog network.

  1. SEMRush

Pricing: Pro ($69.95), Guru ($149.95), Business ($549.95)

This is more of a keyword tool that gives you detailed keyword reporting and allows you to keep apprised of valuable keyword opportunities.

  1. Monitor Backlinks

Pricing: Start ($24.90/month), Plus ($49.49/month), Professional ($99.90/month)

Monitor Backlinks allows you to automate your link to profiling efforts rather than manually entering them into a spreadsheet. You can also do this for competitor’s websites and monitor your search ranking.

  1. BuzzStream

Pricing: Starter ($29/month), Plus ($99/month), Premium ($249/month)

This is possibly the best SEO tool you can use to find other bloggers with which you can share backlinks. Includes custom templates you can use to reach out to other bloggers.

  1. BuzzSumo

Pricing: Pro ($79/month), Pro + Trending ($139/month), Agency ($239/month)

BuzzSumo analyzes viral content within your industry, find Influencers in your niche, and stay on top of popular topics and keywords.

  1. TrenDemon

Pricing: Publishers (free), Pro Marketers ($399/month)

TrenDemon will analyze your websites and landing pages for conversion rates and give you tips and tricks to make them better, which in turn will allow you to deliver content relevant to your audience.

Enterprise SEO

These tools offer a little bit of everything allowing you to create entire SEO campaigns from one website.

  1. Moz

Pricing: Standard ($99/month), Medium ($149/month), Large ($249/month), Premium ($599/month)

Moz will not only analyze your website for the health of SEO metrics, but they will give you a complete link building analysis and give you everything you need to run a full-scale SEO campaign.

  1. Raven Tools

Pricing: Raven Pro ($99/month), Raven Agency ($249/month)

Raven Tools is not only for the individual blogger but for entire agencies. No other tool will allow you to manage and optimize content from different writers. They also integrate research and SEO for effective campaigns and analyze social media information.

  1. Searchmetrics

Pricing: Essentials ($69/month), Suite Business ($2,000/month)

Searchmetrics does exactly what the name implies. They flawlessly gather huge amounts of information and organize them in such a way to make it readable and usable by you. And since keywords are the basis of every great SEO campaign, Searchmetrics offers a robust keyword research and analysis feature.

  1. SEO Powersuite

Pricing: Free, Pro ($299/month), Enterprise ($699/month)

SEO PowerSuite allows you to stay on top of all of the SEO data and metrics for your websites. Not only can you monitor your search rankings but you can monitor your links as well as your competitors.

  1. cognitiveSEO

Pricing: Professional ($99/month), Premium ($199/month), Elite ($499/month), Build Your Plan ($999/month)

With the ability to create reports and entire SEO campaigns instantly, cognitiveSEO will analyze your site for metrics and deliver you a colorful and content-rich report complete with what you need to do to make it better. They offer a full link analysis and allow you to approach keywords in such a way that you get a better understanding of the way your competition is also using those same keywords.

Manage Your Content Delivery Network (CDN)

You never know when you’re website will reach hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. When it does, you will you be ready? These tools will enable you to manage your bandwidth and give your millions of visitors a seamless experience.

  1. MaxCDN

Pricing: Bandwidth Pricing Per GB

MaxCDN will increase website security with two-step authentication and make your site load faster with custom CDN options.

  1. Google Analytics

Pricing: Free

What better way to monitor the metrics of your website for search engine optimization than the free tools from Google? Google Analytics may have a steeper learning curve, but it is free and will give you everything you need to create your winning SEO strategy.

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