Podcasts for Entreprenuers

One of the keys to maintaining a competitive edge is to keep learning and expanding your knowledge base. While going back to school is not an option for some or even desirable for others, we can always keep learning through books, courses, and my favorite Podcasts.

Podcasts are great because you can absorb knowledge while driving, cooking, or exercising a lot of people refer to this as NET Time or No Extra Time. They’re also short and easy to consume and will often contain actionable advice for business entrepreneurs and business people.

Here are my favorite business podcasts

marketinginyourcarMarketing in your car: This is Russell Brunson’s podcast. He’s the founder of Clickfunnels some of the best marketing software on the market at the moment. He records quick 15 minute episodes where he talks about the different things he’s doing in his companies and how you might apply it to your life.

You can get a free MP3 player pre-loaded with the first 250 episodes (just pay for Shipping and Handling) I’ve already ordered mine! You can get one here.


Perpetual_Traffic_PodcastPerpetual Traffic: This is podcast is almost the other side of Marketing in your car. While Russel focuses on funnels and sales, the Digital Marketer crew focuses on ad buying and traffic generation. This is a great place to pick up the basics of Facebook ads and ad buying. As well as some advanced tips.



art of trafficArt of Paid Traffic: Similar to perpetual traffic this podcast is also loaded with lots of great ad buying tips and tricks.





el_podcast_album_cover EntreLeadership: Part of Dave Ramesy network of shows, this podcasts focuses on leadership skills and business building basics. Most of the themes can be found in Dave Ramesy’s book Entreleadership where he explores the leadership and business lessons he learned building his companies.



ZigZig Ziglar True Performance Show. Recently revamped this podcast shares some of the famed sales trainer and motivational speakers teaching and interviews. Less about practical business tips and more about mindset, emotion, and ethical living.