What is Life Hacking?

[youtube id=”0NnTn6AtHAU”]   Life hacking is the process of finding ways to improve, automate, and optimize different areas of your life– specifically the likes of health, wealth, careers, and relationships, as well as common day-to-day tasks. The term originated from hackers who would often take things apart and break software systems to see how they […]

What is Entrepreneurship and what is an Entrepreneur?

[youtube id=”-If_vu9IcI0″] According to Wikipedia, Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a company or organization where the entrepreneur gathers the resources, and is responsible for the success or failure of said company. That definition is pretty technical, and to me it sounds like something you would find in an economics textbook. My definition of entrepreneurship, […]

User Generated Content

User Generated Content

[youtube id=”TpOXFLj33DM”] User Generated Content can be great way to build engagement with your current customers, as well as reach new ones. User Generated Content (UGC) has broad meaning. It can take many forms, from tweets & Facebook posts, to Instagram photos, custom branded photos, videos, and product naming. For some brands, supercharges their interaction […]

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Uber’s new service UberPool

Uber rolled out UberPool early this month, calling it a “bold social experiment.” While I think this business model has already been validated, I’ll talk about that later. What is UberPool? The concept is similar to a casual carpool. Just like before, an UberX driver arrives to pick you up within minutes of your request, […]

The Lengths We Go To: How to Get Your Content Seen

[youtube id=”SiAxN7r7jxE”] What lengths will you go to to get your content seen? In the quick-hitting world of social media, engagement is king. Social media sites are designed to be absorbed quickly, but even, for example, within the character confinements of Twitter, studies show that one can be too verbose. Research compiled by Kevan Lee […]

Cold Shower Challenge

Cold Shower Challenge A lot of people have been participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. For those living under a rock, the Ice Bucket Challenge is when you dump a bucket of ice over your head and donate 20 bucks to ALS. Then, you post the video on Facebook of the event, and […]

5 Reasons Inbound Marketing is the Answer (And the Stats to Back Them Up)

It’s really no shock to learn that content that aligns with consumer interests is better received by the consumer. But does it pay off? Cultivating strong content marketing rewards in the following ways: 1) Consumers are way more comfortable with it These days, consumers are looking for content that serves them in one way or […]

How do you get people to your content?

How do you get people to your content?

You’ve decided to start producing content for your business, good for you. The next step in that process is getting the right audience to your content. Depending on your goals content can be incredibly affective. It increases, brand awareness, drives customers to a purchase decision, boosts SEO (depending on the type of content) and engages […]

Content Marketing is Here to Stay

Content Marketing is Here to Stay

Content Marketing is Here to Stay Content marketing has been around for a long time, but recently it has become cheaper, more effective, and easier to quantify its effectiveness than ever before.  Currently 9 out of 10 organizations do some sort of content marketing. (http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/B2C_Research_2014-withlinks.pdf). They are doing more than your traditional ads,  instead they […]