3 Tips for Better Marketing on Reddit

RedditWhen it comes to marketing on Reddit it can seem overwhelming. Marketing big brand content on a site that seems to be opposed to the idea of marketing can seem impossible, but there does, in fact, exist ways to game Reddit as a marketer. With these initial ideas, you should gain the ability to approach Reddit successfully with your own unique brand advertising needs and strategies.

Before We Get Started

Thinking of marketing on Reddit as a multi-headed beast is a good idea. With the seemingly endless amounts of subreddits that exist, there are practically hundreds of thousands of different cultures, target markets, and regulations to deal with when marketing on the platform. For this reason, you need to be aware of both the sensibilities and moderator rules of each subreddit ever making a post. Otherwise, your post will be deleted or flagged long before anyone sees it, making the whole effort a massive waste of time.

On Reddit, you have to gain traction for your post immediately. If you fail to get attention in the first few hours after your post, it will be lost under a torrent of other information, especially in the more popular (and valuable) subreddits. Faking upvotes with fake profiles will only make you look suspicious, so never try and artificially inflate yourself. The best way to get engagement going, in fact, is to respond to comments in the thread you’ve posted on, and to be active in subreddit discussions in general. After all, frequent Redditors know how to spot suspicious voting activity from a mile away.

Never assume you can outsmart Reddit.

Useful Tools

Many tools exist to make marketing on Reddit and viewing experience simpler. Here are a few that I recommend the most:

Meta Reddit – The actual search engine on Reddit’s website is terrible. For those looking to search for specific content on the massively archived site, Meta Reddit is the best way to do so.

Reddit Later – Scheduling Reddit post is the main useful feature of this awesome extension, but it can also scan top posts to tell you what posting times are the most popular. For marketers looking for higher exposure rates, this is an invaluable tool.

Buzzsumo – If you want to find content that is being shared frequently, Buzzsumo has your back. The content you will find through this tool should help inspire you in the content you create specifically for a site as virally-focused as Reddit.

The Three Things You Must Do to Be Successful on Reddit:

  1. Create a Useful Account

A brand-new account posting marketing-esque content or other promotional material will be viewed immediately as spam, and will either be downvoted into oblivion, or removed entirely by a moderator. In fact, people will mostly ignore new accounts altogether. If you want to post and market successfully on Reddit, you need to get out there and start being active on the site. Doing so is also a fantastic way to get a feel for the various communities that exist on the site, as well as an overall idea of how people communicate with each other in general on the site as a whole.

Creating one well-structured post or comment is enough to get you the karma needed to help your marketing efforts. Be sure to visit the “rising” sections of the most popular pages to try and build up your karma. Posting in old threads, threads that are already in the thousand+ upvote category, or that have no votes at all will in almost all cases be a waste of time. If you can find a post that is just beginning to gain major traction on the site, and place a comment that is relevant and entertaining to the community viewing it, thousands of karma points could be yours in a matter of hours. Once you’ve done this, you will begin having a sense of legitimacy on Reddit that will allow you to market successfully and discreetly.

  1. Focus on Nice Content Marketing

Finding niche subreddits is the best way to market. Find a subreddit that will get use out of your product, and find a way to integrate a plug for the product into a well-structured post. Using tools such as Buzzsumo and Reddit Top can give you a great idea of what is currently popular on these sites, and can help you build a nice “listicle” of content that the users have found valuable. Simply posting a new article within this listicle post that connects back to the content you are marketing is a sly and effective way to get that culture to view your product in a positive light, without it seeming like spam. Before you know it, you’ll start receiving comments from fellow Redditors thanking you for the “awesome content they hadn’t seen before now!”

  1. Marketing for Brands on Reddit

Going to https://www.reddit.com/domain/domain.com, and then replacing domain.com with your own site, can help you determine what post on your website are doing well on Reddit. By doing this, you can easily track what posts are the most effective in certain cultures of Reddit, which will allow you to easily expand your brand’s influence within this very important online community. Offering free stuff is a great way to get some initial traction to your site from Reddit, by the way. Just as long as it is done in a non-“spammy” manner. Some people will experience hundreds to thousands of new visitors within hours of doing just this.

Final Thoughts

Reddit has the potential to be one of your strongest marketing targets if approached correctly, and with the right amount of dedication. Additionally, it also provides tons of entertainment, and can give you a fun way to kill time while still being productive. Once you tap into the useful communities on Reddit, your brand’s visibility should begin to skyrocket in no time!



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