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Creating interesting content is hard. Sometimes you sit down with all the intentions of letting your genius out on the paper or video camera, just to find that as soon as you get started, you draw a blank. Or, you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into your writing, videos, images, whatever it is you’re making, just to get zero traction or interaction with your audience. These things can be extremely frustrating for seasoned content creators, and doubly so for people just starting out. So I started to ask myself and others this question: Where are some places I can go to find sources of inspiration that will help me create content my audience will love? Do I create Buzzfeed style articles? Or do I try to create something epic and truly valuable?  Once I have written the content, how do I get people to read it without spamming the hell out of them?

Questions like these are what caused me to put together this guide, and to begin working on my first of many books. The guide has over 50 resources that you can use to find ideas, and to spark content creation. I reached out to industry experts, as well as seasoned bloggers to create it. While many of them did not respond to my messages, I did find short articles and mini lists that aimed to solve the same problem, although, a lot of what I found was more ethereal, and feelings based, rather than a go-to guide. So, that’s what my guide is. It’s a list of over 50 places you can go to find topics and ideas that are already proven to work. There’s a big misconception that you need to always create unique content that no one has ever thought of before. I have found that’s simply not true. If you look at some of the top sites on the Internet, 90% (I made up this percentage, but the point remains) of what other people are producing is often very similar to something else found on the web. Each blogger puts their own spin and their own angle on a topic, for sure, but rarely is it original. The Internet, for the most part, is a snake that eats its own tail.

So here it is! This booklet will only be available for 2 weeks—absolutely free! Below is a little preview of some of the resources shared in the booklet. I’ve also included a small list of tools that will help you be a better content creator. Please let me know what you think and be sure to share with a friend.


  1. Your Life:

Use tools like Evernote and the voice recorder on your phone to capture moments of inspiration as they come to you. You’ll be surprised how things that may seem mundane will spark something creative. Often the best idea’s come from your hobbies and passions. Your content will be better when you choose to write about things you are already knowledgeable about. Even if you think people won’t be interested, you might be surprised. The world is a big place.

  1. Look at the Problems You’re Facing:

Whether it is your health, life, relationships, career, money, etc. Writing about the problems you’re dealing with and how you overcome them, will help you connect with your readers. There is always someone out there who is facing the same struggle, or someone who will face that struggle in the future, no matter how unique you think the problem is. Why not share your struggles and successes with your readers? Connect on a personal level.

  1. Watch the News:

Watching the news is always a good idea, in order to be aware of what is going on in the world, and the community around you. It will also help you discover niche topics that people care about, find a unique angle or position to take on the subjects they cover and you’ll be good to go.

  1. TV Shows and Documentaries:

This will give you an endless supply of subjects to talk about. If you can, find a way to combine your industry and a current popular TV show, and you’ll be generating great relevant content.

(Examples: How to get Arms like Spartacus, Lessons Learned from Breaking Bad about Entrepreneurship, What Tim Allen taught me About Being a Dad, Leadership Lessons from Star Trek TNG.)


The world’s largest online retailer is also a one of the world largest search engines. You can use tools like Merchant Words to get the search volume of items on Amazon. If you can find some way to incorporate those items into your blogging you might see an uptick in search traffic. Also be sure to check out their ‘best selling’ feature for what’s currently popular.

More Tools for Bloggers

  1. Stay Focused (Google Chrome):

The free StayFocusd app (available on Chrome only) is a must-have for any blogger who finds themselves distracted by all that Internet has to offer. It allows you block sites that you know are a distraction for. You set the amount of time you want to spend on any given site per day, and it will give shut you down after the limit. A lot of people use it for blocking social media sites during their peak creativity times so they can focus on their writing.

  1. SumoMe:

SumoMe is a great host of free and paid tools for all bloggers. It has an excellent e-mail collection tool that will integrate with all the major e-mail platforms. It also has a click-to-tweet tool that is pretty handy, and a host of other valuable services. Check it out if you haven’t already.

  1. Easy Pricing Tables:

Created by Fat Cat Apps, Easy Pricing Tables allows you to easily create pricing tables on WordPress. Their system is really simple, and allows you to create pricing tables without any technical knowledge. Each license comes with 5 different designs and over 300 icons you can use on your site. It’s also mobile responsive which is key if you want to keep your customers happy as more and more e-commerce is conducted via mobile phones.

  1. Namechk:

One of the first things you want to do when you start a new site is make sure that all the different social media channels are available. Well Namechk takes care of that for you. It allows you to check the availability of the desired URL names on all social platforms at once.

  1. allows those of us without much creativity to make beautiful infographics, using pre-created templates. Users can customize their infographics simply by dragging and dropping objects from within the platform.

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  • Great content generation ideas – thanks for giving us access to the whole book 🙂

  • Pamela Firestine Beaune

    I got a copy, but I can’t copy my receipt from my mobile device to email you. I look forward to reading it.I’m at a stale mate with my blog and I’m hoping these ideas help. Thanks

    • Jeremiah Boehner

      No Problem send it in when you can