The Best Tools to Enhance Your Twitter Presence

10-Twitter-Tools-for-Your-Consideration-in-2014Since its founding in 2006, Twitter has grown to dominate the social media sphere, steadily increasing its presence along with other social networks such as Facebook. With 1.3 billion Twitter accounts currently in existence, and over 300 million monthly active users, there’s no doubt that Twitter’s reach extends to a significant portion of the world’s population.


Individuals can use it to get news and updates straight from world leaders, celebrities, journalists, or other Twitter users around the globe, as well as to share their own content and expand their individual presence online. Businesses, meanwhile, see a large number of benefits from having an account as well, as 65.8% of companies with over 100 employees use Twitter for marketing. Even smaller companies can make their voice heard online thanks to Twitter, as companies that use Twitter for customer service have reported a 19% increase in customer satisfaction.

Thus, as one of the most popular social networks, Twitter is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its many users. The company rolls out new features every few months, and there are plenty of ways to take advantage of these to improve your Twitter usage. But if you really want to boost your presence on the social networking site and make sure that the content you post is seen by as many people as possible, there are also a number of extra tools, including third-party apps and websites, that you can use. From seeing what’s trending to getting quick analytics about the performance of your Tweets, the possibilities are nearly endless – whether your goal is increasing business for your company or simply getting more attention for the things that you post. Here are some of the best tools you can use to improve your Twitter performance:

  1. SocialRank

This tool is meant to provide information for “influencer mapping,” which shows you how influential your followers on Twitter are, based on the number of followers that they have and the popularity of their tweets. This is important because once you know which of your followers has the greatest reach, you can work on getting them to share your content through retweets, mentions, and other forms of activity on Twitter.

  1. Bitly

This site is perfect for those that share links often, but find themselves running out of space once they reach Twitter’s 140-character limit. Bitly shortens any link to just a few characters, making it easier to write in the other text that you want to include. Best of all, it’s completely free and very easy to use – just copy and paste the link you want to shorten.

  1. Chat Salad

The goal of this tool is to allow you to see the different chats that are going on around a certain topic on Twitter at a given time. That means you can search a keyword related to your business, service, or a topic of interest to you, and see who’s talking about it and when. That way, you can be more connected with the information that you’re interested in, which is helpful if you have an especially cluttered Twitter feed due to numerous people that you’re following.

  1. Bluenod

Like SocialRank, Bluenod allows Twitter users to do “influencer mapping” and find out which of their followers are the most influential in their particular area. It does this in a visual way by creating a map of your Twitter community and showing each of your followers as dots, with the larger dots being more influential. This tool is only free for 14 days however, so use it wisely!

  1. Twitter Analytics

If there’s one tool all Twitter users should take advantage of, this is it. The free Twitter Analytics plugin allows you to see the number of impressions each of your tweets has, how many new followers you added, and how many people have visited your profile or mentioned you in their tweets. You can also see who your top followers are and which of your tweets have been the most popular or had the greatest reach. The implications of this tool are profound, as you can find out what works and what doesn’t work in your Twitter strategy and adjust from there.

  1. Trendsmap

With this free tool, you can see which topics are trending around the country on Twitter, allowing you to tap into conversations happening nationwide and stay connected with other Twitter users. The map shows different topics over the geographic location where they are being discussed online.


This website tracks the performance of specific hashtags, including which times are the most popular for using the hashtag, who uses it the most, and what kinds of other hashtags may be related.