Are SEO Companies a Scam

Are SEO Companies A Scam-

Are SEO Companies a Scam? Depending on who you ask you’ll get a different responses, just doing a google search for this question yields 780,000 results. I’ve been trying to figure out my own SEO strategy and recently turned to an SEO company lead by one of the leading “experts” in the area this is my experience with Neil Patel and Boostabilty.

If you’re reading this then you’re already familiar with Neil Patel and Quicksprout, his blog/SEO Lead gen company. Like you I read his materials and did my best to implement the many SEO tactics he employs and promotes on QuickSprout.

I quickly learned two things.

  1. This is hard really really hard
  2. I needed help

Being the time strapped and penny pinching person I am I immediately had my one full time employee on on my many side projects begin to learn and try to implement. This was a complete failure, mostly because I kept giving her different directions and she had a hard time discerning a way forward and balancing everything so it eventually went to the wayside.

Next I did what any aspiring entrepreneur would do, I hired someone over seas. The guy I hired was a born hustlers the first couple of weeks he was doing a lot of “stuff” but claimed he didn’t have enough time to do it all and wanted his weekly hours increased. I relented increases his hours and reduced the SEO efforts to 1 of my sites. This one in fact. A few months later he hits me up again asking for a little bit of guidance and some tips with structuring my content a little bit differently so it would be easier for his internal SEO efforts. At this point my site traffic hadn’t really improved so I started looking into the weblogs and saw the types of sites I was getting linked too and how he was spending his time. I didn’t like what I saw so, I over reacted and fired him.

From this I learned I need to learn how to manage remote employees better and monitor my overseas employees better. At this point I was frustrated and worked on doing what I know best, which is creating my content and using paid media to distribute it.

A few months go by and I get that SEO bug again. I had been sucked back into quicksprout’s email list. So I decided to fill out his lead gen form. I got a call from a guy at Boostability, which apparently Neil passes on all the leads that are not valuable enough for him. Which makes sense, from a business standpoint, but my budget was rather large about 10k so I was wondering how much does this guy cost? Well after a few calls and lofty promises I decided to try them on a month to month basis to see what happened. They promised a couple of things; they would help with on site SEO and internal linking, something I know I should do but don’t really have the time to do. A little bit of content creation and content suggestions to help the seo efforts, and most importantly link building.  I thought alright this is awesome I’m going to pay these guys to think about this so I don’t have to.

My results were terrible, my traffic cut in half. At first I wasn’t alarmed as I am told this happens sometimes by other SEO people when you begin to link build, but my traffic continued to decrease for about 3 months and is still relatively low. I got passed through 3 different account managers without ever really getting an update on what they were doing for me. So I finally asked what the heck is going on with my account. 3k in and not much to show for it. I finally get my customer Login information and I login to see that they’ve built me 3 links on the spammiest of sites I’ve ever seen. None of them had anything to do with Content Marketing, one in fact was a restaurant page that seemed to add a random article about content marketing on their site. I’ve had better luck tweeting at companies that I mentioned in my books and articles in order to get back links. Needless to say this was extremely disappointing. As it seems the only way to get your SEO done, is to pay some shady Private Blog Network to spin some articles and then link to you. Or put in hours and hours of work manually asking for links, or building your own Private Blog Network and hope to god you don’t get De-indexed by Google.

Now if you’re reading this and getting discouraged that’s not my intent, it can still be done the tried and true methods are still legit. And They Are.

  1. Create Epic Content: This one I have a hard time doing but I do my best to deliver interesting information that I think people want to know about. I run 6 other websites where I take a more tactical approach then I do here.
  2. Guest Post, Guest Appearances, Etc: One of my sites we got a guest post from a similar site that is delivering us over 1000 unique visitors a month from 1 article!
  3. Make Sure your Site is Mobile Optimized and your internal SEO is on point. Link to other articles on your site and build out a mobile friendly user experience.

For those of you with more time and energy then I have an a list of helpful SEO tools. But for those of you who were thinking of hiring an SEO consultant. I would save your money unless you’re really willing to invest a bucket of money and time.

  • Alex Rivera

    Thank you very much for the article. I was getting ready to use Boostability starting this month. I was going with the 15 hours per month option for SEO and content writing. Something just seemed off to me and I’ve been reluctant to start. Again, thanks for the help.
    – Alex

    • Kim Green

      Total rip off. I should have believed all the reviews but the sales man got me. Don’t be fooled like I was all the bad reviews are true wasted over 1000 dollars before I finally realized it was a scam. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and spend a hour reviewing Boostability. Search “Boostability reviews “in Google and see all of the negative reviews!