Advanced marketing tips in the era of recycled marketing strategies

I recently came across a very recently launched Udemy course from Alex Genadinik which promised to teach me some advanced marketing strategies.

“Advanced, huh?” I thought as I signed up for the 1-hour course which I thought should have been longer if it was really as advanced as it promised. While I have to admit that I was judging the book by its cover, the course quickly began to pleasantly surprise me.

It started with Alex explaining what advanced in this industry means. He explained that marketing isn’t rocket science and that nothing in marketing is all that difficult. So when he sees strategies that no one else is using, he calls them advanced because even though none of it is rocket science, the strategies do take more savvy than 95% of the marketers out there focus on, and for that reason are advanced. So what do marketers tend to focus on when it comes to scalable marketing? Usually it is SEO, social media and a faint hope for “going viral.”

Alex’s course explains how to take advantage of algorithm-based marketing to give yourself the potential to achieve that viral effect. When everyone is focused on SEO, Alex suggests that even if you rank #1 for some search term, you won’t be able to grow beyond what the search volume for that search keyword is. So there is always a limit. But there are ways to go beyond the limit, and that is by leveraging recommendation algorithms of large websites like YouTube, Amazon, Udemy, and even sites like Yelp or Fiverr.

This is what the course focuses on because the recommendation algorithms have potentially no limit to how much traffic they can bring you. Imagine if you wrote a business book and Amazon recommended you with their “people who bought this book also bought this other book” recommendation algorithm next to books like The Lean Start-up by Eric Ries or Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

It would results in hundreds if not thousands of extra monthly sales from being next to those books alone. This is what Alex’s Udemy course teaches. When everyone zigs, you should zag, and that is the recommendation algorithm approach as opposed to only focusing on SEO.

Here is a link to get this new course for just $9,

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