9 Essential Hacks For Site Growth

Learning how to successfully grow and develop your business is an incredibly valuable skill, especially for small business owners and start-up entrepreneurs. Fortunately, living and working in modern society means that there are hundreds of tools and resources available and accessible to small business owners and entrepreneurs. These resources make it easier than it ever was before to grow their business. But even with these tools, small business owners and entrepreneurs can still run into roadblocks. Fortunately, there are many “hacks” that many entrepreneurs don’t know about but need to know in order to grow their business as quickly, smoothly, and efficiently as possible. According to Sumome.com, these tips can help small business owners and entrepreneurs can: increase sales by 220%, drastically improve their visitors’ experience on their website, and save themselves massive amounts of time by helping them achieve a 70% or more increase in customer conversion rates.

Here are the 12 essential hacks for business growth that small business owners and entrepreneurs need to know in order to successfully grow their business with ease:

  1. Get your calls to action in front more people

Only 20% of online visitors will actually finish reading your content and get to the bottom of the page, where most calls to action can be found, which means that 80% of online visitors are not even seeing the call to action in your content. Entrepreneurs can fix this issue by finding out the average read-through rates for all their online content and then getting their calls to action in front of their readers before they stop reading through your content. Or using a tool like Sumo Me, Hello Bar, and others.


  1. Make Sure your site is mobile Optimized

In this day and age, both you and your visitors depend heavily on mobile, and if businesses aren’t marketing on mobile then they are practically committing business suicide. Mobile can either be the backbone or the killer of your website. But this is not to say that desktop marketing is no longer important or relevant. In fact, recent data shows that traditional devices like laptops and desktops have three times as much conversion rates as their mobile equivalents, and this is largely due to the fact that many websites do not translate well over to mobile, resulting in low intent to buy products on mobile sites and high bounce rates.

  1. Create a content upgrade that captures more emails

By creating a content upgrade that is incredibly popular with your visitors, you can collect tons of emails in just a few minutes. With this hack, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress by giving away a five minute e-book with your content for a conversion rate of up to 70% or more. By condensing much of your business’ information into a short but free comprehensive reading guide, in the form of an ebook, you can save yourselves a ton of time from having to create a whole new content upgrade for your business while also reducing customer inquiry emails and increasing customer conversion rates. You can do this by turning your articles into PDF’s pretty or not and putting them behind a download wall.

  1. Bypass confusing email automation with Dropbox

You can avoid having to create a whole new list in tools like Aweber, ConvertKit, or Constant Contact every single time you want to offer a new content upgrades. Email automation can be a difficult, complicated, and time-consuming process. You can bypass email automation and still deliver content upgrades to your subscribers by using Dropbox and Google Drive, where you can upload files to your drive and convert them into shareable links. Submit them to your email collection tools where they can be viewed by your visitors and subscribers who will be redirected to them through your website.

  1. Use Heat Maps to Optimize your clicks and ads

Using a Heat Map tool to see where your visitors are clicking an then remove all the extra calls to actions to get more visitors’ eyes on the ones that are most effective. Extra calls to action can be buttons, links, images, blocks of text, and sliders that can bog down your content and undermine the effectiveness of calls to action on your content. You can use Heat Maps to see which calls to action are converting the most customers and which are not, and then “cut the fat” so to speak so your most successful calls to action are the only ones in your content.

  1. Remove anti-social proof to avoid scaring visitors away

“Social proof” refers to the psychological preference for doing what other people are doing because of the belief that if other people are doing it then it must be good or worthwhile. “Anti-social proof” then refers to the psychological assumption that if not many people are doing it then it must not be good or worthwhile. Anti-social proof or weak social proof can manifest in low numbers, empty comments forms, and little online engagement between the business and customers or visitors. All of these will indicate that your website is not popular or worthwhile and will discourage visitors from liking, sharing, or subscribing to your website. So remove any evidence of anti-social proof from your homepage and content pages and set a share count minimum for your products and content in order to keep track of social proof rates, and to prevent low share counts from being visible to all who visit your site unless the minimum is met.

  1. Get your target audience to share your content

Entrepreneurs can increase their online traffic drive and customer conversion rates by eliminating decision fatigue and increasing the amount of social shares that their online content receives. You can substantially increase their content shares (and avoid decision fatigue) by only displaying the social platforms your target audience actually use and make it easy to use with tools like click to tweet, highlighter, Pinterest Optimized Images Etc.

  1. Use Scarcity to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales

Scarcity is one of the most timeless, common, and effective marketing strategies because if indecisive customers feel as if they have limited time to buy your product, then they are more likely to buy your product right then and there. Entrepreneurs can also tack on rewards to these limited time offers or purchasing deadlines to force customers to make quicker and more favorable decisions, such as a free shipping offer, discounts on upgrades, payment plans etc, or deal countdowns.

  1. Use Smart Tools To Automate Your Social

Entrepreneurs who are crushing it are also dominating social media. Many of them have teams of 2-3 experts or some VA’s to do the busy work. But there are tools like Post Intelligence that will suggest which content you should share and when you should share. Making sure your Social media has the biggest impact.